UV Sterilizer



If you have a well water system that is supplying water to your property, there is the possibility that your water could contain harmful micro-organisms, including E-coli, Cryptosporidium, Giardia and Legionella. Some of these cannot be eradicated by chlorination only...they need Ultra Violet disinfection.

There are also problems that can occur when your water is stored in a cold water storage tank. Some cold water storage tanks do not have proper lids to keep the water clean.

Ultra Violet systems offer an environmentally- Friendly and chemical free way of purification. Your water will be free from taste and odour. Ultra Violet systems destroy ninety nine percent of bacteria. Whilst a glass of water may appear clear as you look at it, you cannot actually see or tell whether it has any bacteria in it, as of course it is not visible to the naked eye. Ultra violet light systems will protect your whole water supply, and ensures that you will be protected against water born bacteria and viruses.

The typical life expectancy of an Ultra Violet light is 1 Year. It is also quite easy to change a bulb; normally the quartz sleeve will need cleaning either on a six-monthly or yearly basis....depending on the water quality.